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The Adventures of What Happens To Be Hopeful Tale

May 17, 2012

A friend of mine gave me three words and I was to write something using those three words. Those words were mesh, collaborate, and pearl.

He was a lonely, lonely man
Living in a lonely, lonely land
He was no diamond in the rough
He was no pearl just below the surface

He would walk the lonely, lonely road
His skin would mesh with the cold
He could no longer hear the birds sing
For they died of lonely hearts and lonely wings

He looked up into the lonely, lonely sky
As a tear would fill his lonely, lonely eye
His face could no longer celebrate
For there was no one left to collaborate

Shooting stars filled the lonely, lonely night
As the bats took their lonely, lonely flights
And the man remembered being torn apart
By his broken and lonely, lonely heart.

The Angels saw the lonely, lonely man
They concocted some sort of a plan
Just as the man forgot about Grace
He felt the warmth of the Angels embrace.

Tho there are still some lonely, lonely days
The man is getting by in this lonely, lonely place
Since the Angels wrapped him in their warm embrace
And he was reminded of that gift of Grace.


How A Group Of Gnomes Could Save A Life

May 2, 2012

*I was given four words to make a poem out of, let’s see how I did on a half asleep brain*

The sad man lived alone in his lonely house.
Just him and the gnomes.
The crazy things about gnomes you see
Is how they’re quieter than a mouse.

The gnomes could see how the man would stare.
For he was their friend.
And he grinned no longer
Just surrounded by the smell of incense and despair.

If the gnomes could make the man laugh, just once more.
Then that’d be a victory.
And the gnomes could dance.
A great bookend for a weekend with smiles in store.

The gnomes could see the lonely man’s eyes.
Almost aqua like in their blue.
All the gnomes knew
That they and the man would always be allies.