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Party Like It’s the End of the Line

September 16, 2011

Perhaps my demons are too much
Too much for one man
I’ve invited them all to the party
I was told to kick ’em out.
But they’ve already RSVP’d
And I may not be a good man
But I’m a gracious host.


What I Was

September 9, 2011

I was a brown bear
With my brown hair
My claws could cut through steel

I was a buzzard
With my fellow birds
Circling around for the kill.

I was a jackle
With my evil cackle
Laughing out into the wind

I was a great white
With my deadly might
Biting off a passing fin.

I was a red ant
Surrounded by dead ants
Running from the bees

I was a Tyrannosaur
A ferocious dinosaur
Ending lives and breaking trees

Between Truth And That Other Place You Can Only See If You Squint Really Hard

September 1, 2011

my faith and the flies are the same you understand? They’re just flying around my carcass trying to find a place to land

When the darkness comes and camoflauges my shame, I’ll reach into the night and hope for God’s grace

the thing about grace is that it’s not something you deserve. it’s a selfless gift given not something you’ve earned.