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In Whence The King Only Rules Himself

August 4, 2011

He called himself a king, you see
He called himself his majesty
He was proud of his savagery
He was a king of barbarity

His guilty conscience gone, you see
He ruled himself so casually
He blocked out all the casualties
He was a king of vulgarity

He was a king who was obsessed
He was a king full of wickedness
He was a king known for atrociousness
He was a king known for viciousness

He was not a king for long, you see
He had to answer for his atrocities
He had to pay for his brutality
His kingdom now a democracy


My Apologies To Yahweh

August 2, 2011

I’m like the priest
Walking by the dying man
Collecting God’s money as fast as I can

I’m the older brother
When the Prodigal returned
Screaming that I never got what I deserved

I’m a little Judas
I wish I were a John
Betraying Yahweh as I’m singing His songs