The Great Queen

The Great Queen looked down at her kingdom
And knew she could not deceive them
They were her fellow ants
So she took that stance
And decided to just tell them

“We ants are few, but we are proud
We’ve lost many to the clouds
Now what we face
Will give us chase
For the great light is abound”

“I’ve seen what all it can do
With a turn from the sun in the morning dew
The great beam comes down
Burns all around
And leaves us all turned into stew”

That’s when it did appear
And right then it became quite clear
What had to be done
For her daughters and sons
The Great Queen swallowed her fear

“My fellow ants you all must run
Leave it to me what has to be done
I know it seems harsh
But you all must march
And leave me to handle the great burn”

Her kingdom of ants with tears in their eyes
Gathered up their loved ones and gathered up supplies
The beam began to shine
As the ants got into line
They would tell the tale of the Great Queen’s demise

The ants began to march as the ground turned red
They looked back at their queen with sadness and dread
Their situation dire
Their kingdom turned to fire
And from their suffering they fled

The Great Queen grew the courage of ten strong ants
She dug into the ground and she took her stance
“You will not have them
For I love all of them”
Then the great queen took her chance

She flung herself up into the atmosphere
As the beam engulfed her and her fears
She did as she must
She turned into dust
And her cries turned into ghostly tears

The infamous glass looked down with delight
And chuckled to itself over the queens demise
It looked up ahead
Knowing the ants had fled
The evil beam screamed with all it’s might

“Oh curse you ole mighty Great Queen
I thought your sacrifice obscene
Now it’s quite clear
It seems to appear
You saved your loved ones from the wrath of my beam!”

The kingdom of ants grew old
But the tale of their Great Queen was always told
Told to their kids
And their kids told their kids
The Great Queens story of being brave and bold


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