Where I Hope To Be When It Is All Said And Done

As todays blend into yesterdays
The sun expands into outer space
As the grass twinkles from the morning rain
The flowers bend to catch some rays

Your brain begins to spring and spark
And your shadow hides from the dark
As meteors begin to shower the sky
A child is born and an old man dies

As the dam reaches it’s breaking point
Your brain was never a classy joint
Whales will breach to catch a breath
The ocean holds beds of death

In a place beneath the mountain mist
Where deer prance and Bigfoot does exist
Where angels go to live and pray
As today blends into yesterday

Where the dark clouds begin to part
Where His hands created every start
Where in your heart you don’t deserve
Anything from the Mighty Lord

Where God begins to mold the clay
Where He creates the Earth in seven days
That’s where I hope to fly
Where life begins and good souls reside.


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