The Tale of Old Mr. Shame and Young Boy Regret

The sky is bloody red the field is a blaze
The ships have run aground, no waters in the bays
The winds have begun to blow whistling through the trees
No one is safe from the mighty vengeance of the angry waves

You’re dotting your “T”s and you’re crossing your eyes
The dumb are done and gone next up are the wise
Run while you can the reactors are about to blow
Armageddon has arrived fate sits back to watch the show

Try to save your money but here’s a little hint
The stress will kill you when your dollar’s not worth a cent
No hope for the islands the volcanos shall erupt
People will riot the streets as the government becomes corrupt

It can’t be that time yet I have too many goals
Then the earth opens up and swallows me whole
The strong will consume the weak the fit shall survive
So work out now so you don’t have to fight to stay alive

My heart will harm me shame shall end my light
Regret will show its ugly face and darken my night
I blame no one it is I who has failed
Forgiveness was something I could never give myself

Forgive me Father, for all that I have done
For hating when I hated not loving when I should
Swept out to the ocean a wall of Hell crashing toward me
Oh Father Oh Father won’t you calm my stormy seas….


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