How Villains Come To Be

We all wish to be heroes, saving those innocent and weak
We all want that courage to stand up and speak
Perhaps I am wishing for something that can never be
Even with the help of Mighty God I am always me
I can’t see it but I can sense it in the air
Say goodbye to innocence and to those who care

Is it too much to ask for that I could do something right?
I thought I was a hero, but I’m a villain in the light
A villain they want, a villain I shall become
You cannot love the unlovable, it is said by some
I am that ship at sea, lost in the gulf
If this is a fairy tale then I’m the big bad wolf

With a huff and a puff I’ll blow all your houses down
I will laugh maniachally, my sins I am bound
I will destroy the innocent, I will push the world to gloom
As heroes try to stop me I shall send them to their doom.

Superman was strong until I shot him with kryptonite
The Batman tried to stop me, but I stabbed the Black Knight
It’s not my fault, it was the world that wasn’t fair
I shall clinch my fists as I sit alone in my lair

Some would say they love me, but that was a lie
And that shall be returned, an eye for an eye
Finally I knew why, it just took me a while to see
There are no heroes, only villains of various degrees.


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