The Friendly Gecko and the Case of the Forgotten Life

Deep in a darkened fog
Up upon a log
There lived a friendly gecko

He knew everyone by name
The bears, the deer, all the same
Everyone loved the friendly gecko

But underneath his smile
It’d been growin for a while
A saddness so sad and deep

Oh pity friendly gecko
A shame that you don’t know
How to climb up that hill so steep

But when it came to love
He felt beaten, bloodied and shoved
His love was unrequited

He heard about The Lion
But he wasn’t really buyin’
He felt too defeated

The friendly gecko fell
Stuck in his own little hell
Oh what had he done?

Then he heard a roar
A comin’ from the shore
He looked into the sun

The Lion then appeared
The friendly gecko shed a tear
His heart felt less broken

And then with all his might
He walked into the light
Of where The Lion had spoken.

The deer asked where the gecko went
The bears couldn’t find his scent
Oh where had the friendly gecko gone?

Little did they all know
Of where the friendly gecko did go
Hopefully he found a home


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