The Question Remains, Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Oh life, why must we meet?
Is it something I’ve done?
I lay my life flat

Oh life, is there a chance
Of some sort of dignity?
Or is it too late for that?

Oh life, may we strike a deal?
Do I have something you want?
Or is it time for me to go?

Oh life, I get it ok
Please stop sending the notes
Let me pack some clothes

Oh life, I guess it’s time to go
Say goodbye to my cherished ones
Tho they may no longer cherish me

Oh life, do you think I’ll be missed?
Do you think they’ll notice?
Or am I doomed as a forgotten memory?

Oh life, do you think it’s too late?
Do you think I can start over?
Time to face that fear

Oh life, this seems so hard
But I have every reason to go
For there is nothing for me here.


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