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What A Smart And Witty Beast

February 24, 2011

He wakes up in the morning
Puts slippers on his feet
Don’t wanna catch a cold
What a Smart and Witty Beast

He walks down his halls
He sits in his seats
He talks to himself
What a Smart and Witty Beast

He likes to make jokes
And boast of his feats
To no soul at all
What a Smart and Witty Beast

He watches his tele
The fire his heat
But no heat in his eyes
What a Smart and Witty Beast

He lays in his bed
Feeling broken and beat
Just an empty big house
What a Smart and Witty Beast

He thinks about his life
How grand it must be
To not be alone
What a Smart and Witty Beast

He hears a knock
Oh who could it be?
Ole Death come to collect
What a Smart and Witty Beast

He asked for some time
To make everything neat
Which way would he go
What a Smart and Witty Beast

Would he see Saint Peter
Saint Paul would he meet?
Or would he see Lucifer?
What a Smart and Witty Beast

A single tear would fall
And land on his cheek
His eyes would grow cold
What a Smart and Witty Beast


The Friendly Gecko and the Case of the Forgotten Life

February 16, 2011

Deep in a darkened fog
Up upon a log
There lived a friendly gecko

He knew everyone by name
The bears, the deer, all the same
Everyone loved the friendly gecko

But underneath his smile
It’d been growin for a while
A saddness so sad and deep

Oh pity friendly gecko
A shame that you don’t know
How to climb up that hill so steep

But when it came to love
He felt beaten, bloodied and shoved
His love was unrequited

He heard about The Lion
But he wasn’t really buyin’
He felt too defeated

The friendly gecko fell
Stuck in his own little hell
Oh what had he done?

Then he heard a roar
A comin’ from the shore
He looked into the sun

The Lion then appeared
The friendly gecko shed a tear
His heart felt less broken

And then with all his might
He walked into the light
Of where The Lion had spoken.

The deer asked where the gecko went
The bears couldn’t find his scent
Oh where had the friendly gecko gone?

Little did they all know
Of where the friendly gecko did go
Hopefully he found a home

The Question Remains, Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

February 15, 2011

Oh life, why must we meet?
Is it something I’ve done?
I lay my life flat

Oh life, is there a chance
Of some sort of dignity?
Or is it too late for that?

Oh life, may we strike a deal?
Do I have something you want?
Or is it time for me to go?

Oh life, I get it ok
Please stop sending the notes
Let me pack some clothes

Oh life, I guess it’s time to go
Say goodbye to my cherished ones
Tho they may no longer cherish me

Oh life, do you think I’ll be missed?
Do you think they’ll notice?
Or am I doomed as a forgotten memory?

Oh life, do you think it’s too late?
Do you think I can start over?
Time to face that fear

Oh life, this seems so hard
But I have every reason to go
For there is nothing for me here.

Do You Hear a Train a Comin’?

February 11, 2011

He lays his head down
Upon the train tracks
Once the train comes
There’s no turning back
He lays his head down
A rumble comes through the ground

He closes his eyes
And flashes through his past
All the times he failed
The feeling of an outcast
He would sing his sad songs
to no one at all
He was all alone
Where was God’s call?

He would walk down the street
Alone in the dark and cold
Where could he go?
He didn’t know
His heart had grown hard
And he couldn’t hear
God trying his best
To whisper in his ear

He opened up his eyes
He saw the coming lights
Then the sky opened up
And God showed His might
“Get off the tracks
There’s no need to fear
For I am with you son
Now get on out of here.”

“This is not how your story ends
This is not how your story goes
You couldn’t hear me
So i had to make a show
Now dust the dirt from your clothes
It’s time for you to start
You are never alone, son
For I am in your heart.