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Oh The Joy Of The World Of Second Chances

January 31, 2011

I woke up out of the black
with a knife in my pocket
and a bottle in my hand
give me one more life
although i done used nine
so i can get it right this time

and the funeral will be blessed
and it will be cursed
demons and angels will attend
to fight for the scraps of my soul
when i heard God a callin’
I should a come a runnin’
and not ended up in this place

my momma done and told me
that sacrifice was the way
God even sacrficed his Son
so we could live eternally
but i couldnt do it, i wanted sin
i wish i could a do it over again

i took the bottle and put it to my lips
to let the liquid courage help me forget
that i was a broken
and i was a chokin
with all those troubles
oh God how i failed you again

there’s no more sleep
there’s no more love
when you feel a frozen from inside
i just need one more try
to prove to you Lord
I can get it right this time

oh just let me try
i dont wanna die alone again
i can get it right this time
oh i can get by
if you give me just one more try
so i can get it right this time


This is What the Light Can Do

January 15, 2011

In the dark you see a light as it begins to flicker on
In the distance you can hear the melody of some sweet song
And in your heart where darkness took residence
Where you lost loved ones because you were hesitant
it begins to feel slightly less cold

You want to shout but you only know how to whisper
But your voice is growing strong and slightly crisper
Maybe soon you will be screaming some song of praise
Of how God brought a light to your darkened days
You begin to feel slightly more bold

You need to stand but your knees want to crumble
Your balance is stilted and you begin to stumble
Grace will wash your filth and give your beard a shave
Maybe it will protect you from the demons blade
The cave walls have begun to mold

Reach out your hand so you don’t drown in darkness
We must know that we are more than an empty carcass
After all these years all we knew was how to crawl
Maybe it’s time for us to finally learn how to walk
The years will catch us and make us old

If we hurry perhaps we can catch a glimpse of the Son
Before the meteors hit and the Rapture is done
We dance in the clouds and each others hands we’re holding
Judas will watch us with eyes sad and longing
Your greatest story finally told.

In the light the darkness turns into a coward
In your hard soul the hard soil will produce a flower
It shall grow and bloom and choke the darkness
we are more than just an empty carcass
It begins to feel slightly less cold.