Here’s A List Of Things Which I Am Or Have Become

I am the court jester, pointing and laughing

I am the knight, hiding behind my armor

I am the dark, blanketing myself in black

I am the demon, cowering in my selfish shoes

I have become the burden, with feet anchored down into the depths

I have become the clown, with laughs and chuckles as I dance

I have become the current, pulling in those too weak to fight against the undertow

I have become the hypocrite, well this one is self-explanatory.


2 Responses to “Here’s A List Of Things Which I Am Or Have Become”

  1. Joyce Moyer Hostetter Says:

    So what do you think? Are you more complicated than most of us? Or are we all so many faceted?

  2. forgettheworld Says:

    i would hope i’m not more complicated than most. i think everyone is made up of a bunch of different things, emotions, experiences. i dont feel like anyone is one sided.

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