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You Won’t Find Any Resemblance of Hope Here…Or Will You???

October 12, 2010

He couldn’t feel it, his heart, not anymore
It was unwanted, dirty and cheap
So to the sea he went, maybe to find it there
to sail his destiny, so sail he did

Looking through every inch of the Mighty Blue
everywhere he did sail, everywhere he did go
Everyone he did ask, no one had seen his soul
He knew he had to find it, no matter how long it took

That’s when he heard of the Great Monster of the deep
The legend said it swallowed souls, digested hearts
No one had ever gotten theirs back
He had to try it, it was either that or burn out
His eyes needed that fire once again

He went out to where the sky and the deep meet
For that’s where the Great Monster dwelled
But where oh where is it? Not even a ripple underneath
He screamed into the murky depths, cursed the Great Monster
Ordering it to come up out of its dark home

Then from beneath a roar, it shook the man to his core
And he saw two yellow angry eyes rising up quick
It crashed up into the top, it glared at the man
He leapt at the Great Monster with spear in hand
The Great Monster opened up and swallowed him whole

Deep down into its belly the man did go
He took out his lantern and searched for his heart
There it was, hidden beneath an old ship mast
He grabbed his heart and put it into his coat

Then he plunged his spear into the Great Monster’s gut
It let out a yell and it let out a cry
Then its eyes did close

Sink it began, the man still inside
He knew he’d never escape, and he never intended to
He plopped down, holding his heart at his chest
Closing his eyes as the water filled the beast

The legend grew of the man’s epic battle
His ghost still smile about it to this day


Can A Choir of Lost Souls Lift Your Spirits?

October 6, 2010

When I was a child of ten or so

Full of wander, life, and bold

I could cross the ocean in one giant leap

And climb mountains no matter how steep

As the years passed I was in the same old skin

Surrounded by the darkness of my own sins

I had the Armor of God, the Sword of the Lord

Then all that was taken from me and soon I mourned

Into the woods I went, with guilt and shame

I found a chorus of Lost Souls, and we all sang

“Oh my oh my, oh me oh me

Oh why God have You forgotten me?

Oh my oh my, oh birth-ady birth

Perhaps its time for me to go back into the earth?”

Don’t you worry yourself, I’ll dig the hole

Ill jump in and bury me and send me below

Oh shoots! Oh Ladders! What did I leave without?

It wasn’t fear, it wasn’t guilt, it wasn’t doubt..

Oh what could it be? Oh where did it go?

Oh where is that bright warming sensation in my soul?

Into the woods I went, with sadness and pain

I found a chorus of Lost Souls, and we all sang…

Oh my oh my, oh me oh me

Oh why God have you forgotten me?

Oh my oh my, oh bleepity ship

I’ll just close my eyes for a bit

Here’s A List Of Things Which I Am Or Have Become

October 4, 2010

I am the court jester, pointing and laughing

I am the knight, hiding behind my armor

I am the dark, blanketing myself in black

I am the demon, cowering in my selfish shoes

I have become the burden, with feet anchored down into the depths

I have become the clown, with laughs and chuckles as I dance

I have become the current, pulling in those too weak to fight against the undertow

I have become the hypocrite, well this one is self-explanatory.