The Tale of The Beautiful Swan and The Ugly Frog

The Ugly Frog was hopping one night
Just enjoying his time on his lilly pad
That’s when he saw her
The Beautiful Swan basking in the moonlight
He knew he was ugly, but he had to try
So the Ugly Frog hopped on over beside her
“You are so beautiful, oh Beautiful Swan.
Perhaps you’d like to spend some time with me catching flies?”
With that a bond was formed
And they were side by side at all hours
He made her laugh, she made him smile
But in his Ugly Froggy heart he knew it was doomed
Sure enough, he worked up the courage to speak
He laid it all out on the line you see
He said he loved her, and he always did
And that she made his Ugly Froggy knees weak.
“I feel so ugly next to you.” The Ugly Frog said.
“I’m sorry I had to get that off my Ugly Froggy chest.”
The Beautiful Swan cried, and words began to form
“I could never be with you.” is what she said.
“For I am a Beautiful Swan, and you are an Ugly Frog.
You make me laugh and feel warm inside
But I don’t love you, and I never did.
Please don’t feel bad Ugly Frog..”
The Ugly Frog fought back the tears
He couldn’t let her see how weak he was.
“I do not blame you, oh Beautiful Swan
For why would a Beautiful Swan want to be with an Ugly Frog?”
With that he hopped away, never to be seen again.
The Beautiful Swan now lonely and sad
No one knows what happened to the Ugly Frog
Perhaps he grew tired of wrestling with his heart.

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