When Hope Has Out Stayed Its Welcome

Oh my Dear Darkness, how have you been?

It’s been too long I know

But you told me I’d come running back

And you’d evelop me in open arms


So Dear Darkness, does the offer still stand?

You can tell me that you told me so

I let The Light invade my hallways

And I allowed The Hope to choke out my sanity


Oh my Dear Darkness, it’s just you and me now

Just as you told me the outcome would be

Oh don’t you worry, my Dear Darkness

For I know now to never let the light in


Oh Dear Darkness, it’s so cold now

At least I have you to blanket me

Just you and me now, Oh Dear Darkness

And I will never ever leave you.


2 Responses to “When Hope Has Out Stayed Its Welcome”

  1. Joyce Moyer Hostetter Says:

    Ouch! That hurts.

  2. forgettheworld Says:

    haha yeah. sometimes i get in dark moods i guess.

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