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The Other Part of the Story That The Sea Threatened to Swallow Up

June 24, 2010
Standing all alone
Everyone was gone
Except for the Jealous Man
Just what had he done
The sea the color of blood
Things just got out of hand.
He once knew love
And of God above
But now loneliness fills his head
He forgot how to care
No soul when he stared
How grand would it be if he were dead?
With that last mumble
He began to tumble
Soon it would all end.
Before he hit the rocky sea
How could this be?
“You better think again!”
It was a voice he heard
This was absurd
“Let me go!” He screamed
“That’s something I can’t do
I have an idea for you
No need to drown in the sea”
“My name is Mr. McLemon
And I’m a demon
I think we can strike a deal.”
“If you do as I say
You’ll forget your pain
And forget those feelings you feel.”
“I need you to be like me
Planting those evil seeds
So take this into account.”
“Just become more mad
More bitter, more jealous, more sad
Soon you’ll be like me no doubt.”
What could The Jealous Man do?
Mr. McLemon had him by his shoes
He wanted to die anyways.
The Jealous Man roams the seas
Spreading the demons evil seeds
This is how he would spend his days.
No matter what he did
This is the life he would live
He just wish he could die
But the demon didn’t lie
For even tho he couldn’t die
He was cold and dead inside.