O Where Would He Feel He Belongs?

He stood there and looked
Wondered just what it took
So he knew he must make a decision

His plan began to shape
He had to escape
From this life that became a prison

He wrote a letter
Said it had to be better
Somewhere up above the stars

His fate was sealed
A machine he would build
To take him above space and Mars

For days and days
In his shop he slaved
And built an astoninishing flying machine

He would aim for the moon
With wings and a balloon
To find the better world in his dreams

The day arrived
That changed his life
And he and his machine began to climb

He gasped and he wow’ed
As he passed through the clouds
Hoping happyness would be what he’d find

Higher and higher he would rise
He failed to realize
Against the elements he couldn’t defend

Soon he couldn’t breathe
He couldn’t believe
That this is how it would end

His eyes began to close
His body froze
As his machine began to stall

He knew he had failed
He was heading back toward Hell
He gasped and cried as he fell

He wondered what could he do
As the Earth came into view
All he wanted was to find his place

He knew it soon would hurt
When he smacked into the dirt
And a cold look came upon his face

Then there was a bright light
He was surrounded by white
And everything felt right and warm

That’s when he heard someone speak
With a voice so mighty he felt weak
It said “You belonged from the day you were born.”

“Although as you had lived
You would care and forgive
It felt as if no one wanted you.”

“But now you’re with me
Forever that will be
And I will never abandon you.”


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