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O Where Would He Feel He Belongs?

May 28, 2010

He stood there and looked
Wondered just what it took
So he knew he must make a decision

His plan began to shape
He had to escape
From this life that became a prison

He wrote a letter
Said it had to be better
Somewhere up above the stars

His fate was sealed
A machine he would build
To take him above space and Mars

For days and days
In his shop he slaved
And built an astoninishing flying machine

He would aim for the moon
With wings and a balloon
To find the better world in his dreams

The day arrived
That changed his life
And he and his machine began to climb

He gasped and he wow’ed
As he passed through the clouds
Hoping happyness would be what he’d find

Higher and higher he would rise
He failed to realize
Against the elements he couldn’t defend

Soon he couldn’t breathe
He couldn’t believe
That this is how it would end

His eyes began to close
His body froze
As his machine began to stall

He knew he had failed
He was heading back toward Hell
He gasped and cried as he fell

He wondered what could he do
As the Earth came into view
All he wanted was to find his place

He knew it soon would hurt
When he smacked into the dirt
And a cold look came upon his face

Then there was a bright light
He was surrounded by white
And everything felt right and warm

That’s when he heard someone speak
With a voice so mighty he felt weak
It said “You belonged from the day you were born.”

“Although as you had lived
You would care and forgive
It felt as if no one wanted you.”

“But now you’re with me
Forever that will be
And I will never abandon you.”


A Story The Ocean Threatened To Swallow Up

May 8, 2010

The sun had set and the water grew quiet
as the lonely man wearing a lonely cape stood
his face showed him much older than he was
and the lines painted a sombering picture

he was a lonely ole’ sea captian
with only his boat left to love
he couldn’t love both his legs for he was missin one
just he and his boat in the ocean

Then what’s that, out on the horizon
was it a seal or perhaps it was a human
he got closer and soon he could see
the most beautiful mermaid that eyes could behold

their eyes met and his body shivered
her stare was striking and beautiful
“ahoy” he says and she shows a smile
and a light seemed to light under his jacket

“hello sea captian’ she says with a haunting voice
“i saw you from afar, i hoped you would come.
for i can tell that you are lonely and you shouldn’t be
i can see potential in what a kind man you are.”

“Oh sea captain, let us leave this spot,
and begin on our voyage together
just me and you and your wooden boat too
sailing the seas of yonder and adventure”

and thats what they did, just the three of them
sailing from port to port and sea to sea
the great water dictating their direction
and the lines in his face began to fade

soon the story spread, the old port towns knew
of the sea captain and the beautiful mermaid
and one grew jealous, for he too was alone
so why should the sea captain be happy when he wasn’t?

the jealous man set out to the ocean
and soon he found what he was looking for
the sea captain and the mermaid singing along
to old sea chants as they sailed on their boat.

the jealous man took his great cannon and aimed
and soon the sea captains ship was in two
after the smoke cleared the jealous man was gone
and left the sea captain and the mermaid behind.

the sea captain found her, not far from the wreckage
she was floating upside down on the ocean floor.
he pulled her up and swam to an island
and the sea spit them up upon the shore

he looked her in the eyes, they were fading fast.
and he knew she wasn’t long for this world
“oh sea captain” she said with her last breaths
“I love you more than i thought i could.”

“Please don’t forget, oh sea captain
what a great and caring man you be
sometimes you forget and you curse yourself
when you made my life full of love and adventure”

and with that she died, right in his arms
the sea captain fell back and cried
and beat his fist into the sands
and questioned why he was even given any happyness at all.

the sea captain would never be saved
from the island for which he washed up on
he lived for a year or so more
just him without his boat or his love

he ran out of food, but that wasn’t what killed him
it was his heartbroken soul that stopped feedin’ him
on the island this day is nothing but sand
and one beautiful statue of a caring mermaid.