When The Demons and Angels Are Hard To Tell Apart

I looked up from my lowly position on the dirt
and up toward the finger pointed at me
Oh what a sinner i was told i was
and how filthy and dirty i must be
What did i see when i looked up you ask?
someone who screamed and said i was wrong
cause i dared to think and question
and how blind i must be indeed.

Unless you walk the path i do
the demanding figure screeched
you are doomed to the fiery lakes
and will have to dance with the flames
oh boy, the figure said, you’re in for a treat
cause imma mentor you boy
in this ratrace just follow what i do
oh boy you’ll never be the same

now i know i may lie and cheat boy,
and i may spread out my prideful wings
but can you see how better i know things
the way i see is the only way you should see
So boy, what’s it gonna be?
you got some potential boy
it’s best that you not waste it
if it’s Heaven’s Gates you long for then follow me

Thats when i opened my eyes
and saw the demon behind the beautiful face
i could see its fangs and hear it’s breath
i even saw it’s crooked tail
I stood up and i cleared my throat
I may not be the most perfect child
And I may constantly fail
but He loves me…He loves me.


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