What if I Saw The Son Of Man?

If i sat in a chair
and i saw Him standing there
would I stay
or would i run away?

If i saw Him on the shore
as i stood on that wooden boat floor
would i jump into the sea
or would i stay on board?

Oh my God, how pathetic and weak am I?
have You been reaching to me
and I’ve been ignoring Your embrace?

Oh my God, oh how i hate who i am
have You been reaching to me?
I know i dont deserve your grace

If i was asked if i knew You
what would i think to do?
would i stand for my faith
or would i deny till the rooster crowed?

If I heard a burning bush
Speak to me with authority
would i dare to be as bold
and do what i was told?

Oh my God, how sad and distasteful am I?
have You been reaching for me?
I’m too dirty for Your hands

Oh my God, how disgusting am I?
Have you been reaching out to me?
Wipe off my dirt with Your grace…


3 Responses to “What if I Saw The Son Of Man?”

  1. Amy Says:

    This is amazing… I would love to hear it read during worship at church.

  2. Joyce Says:

    Fabulous! As always your poetry is so honest.

    And BTW – at the Poetry Reading last week they asked people to sign up to read the next month. So it might not be so hard to get to the open mic. I have the announcement for next months event. Will pass it on soon.

  3. Trevor Says:

    Very nice poem, and if it makes you feel better I truly believe we are all far too filthy and disgusting to deserve even an ounce of grace, even the best people you know. But as you suggest, grace is there.

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