What Skin Am I In This Time?

Hurricanes and thunderclouds galore
it rains and pours and rains some more
i’m a doomsday preacher son
here comes Revelations and you’re done
you’ve been caught red-handed boy, what will you do
even the devil was an angel once too

we used to be a God fearing nation
it’s time i scared you into your salvation
The End is coming gang, are you prepared
I’ll raise my voice and this i’ll yell
“I’m a doomsday preacher folks, you better receive
I’ll scare you into believing what i believe”

Tsunami’s and tornados around every door
you could run and hide but what for
the Devil and his minions are gonna bring us Hell
but with Jesus to lead us we’ll never fail
i’m a doomsday preacher yall, everyone’s gonna die
At least they better, I dont like to lie

Hug your loved ones, kiss them goodbye
as the ground catches fire and rocks fall from the sky
hear the demons snarl as they profess your end
you done yourself in when you gave in to sin
I’m a doomsday preacher brother, I judge and condone
bet you wander just which side i’m on


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