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Too Bad We Didn’t Make it To The Finish Line Honey

December 19, 2009

I guess I wasn’t good enough for yo’ pretty eyes to behold
You didn’t feel you owed me nothing’ tho my heart you stole
You think you’re better than me, well that may be true
But baby, I could have been something to you.

You were a ten  I was probably a three on my best day
And it doesn’t even matter what you try to say
All your pretty words that come from your pretty lips
Match up quite nicely to your shaking hips

This ain’t funny, I’m done telling’ jokes
I want back from you what you stole
My heart, my soul, and the keys to my brain
I want ‘em all back just the same

I didn’t mean for us to reach this place
I mean, who could say no to such a pretty face
Owwwww I scream for you to take me witcha
You tell me to not let the door hit me where the good Lord splitcha

Is it my fault that I look this way
God has a funny sense of humor some say
Like when he put this one thing in my head
That you meant all those pretty words you said

That you cared for me, that we’d never be apart
Then you stepped on me and stabbed my heart
You see baby, you left me in quite a bind
I’d like to get a good nights sleep if ya don’t mind

Listen honey I’d blame ya if I could
You need some pretty boy to make ya look good
I’m all dressed up and at the thresh hold
Sayin’ yes to nothing but a lonely ghost

You can do better, I’m not good enough
Find some pretty boy and strut yo’ stuff
I don’t know how to love anymore, just how to hate
And baby, hatin’ you is all over my plate

Ohhhhh hatin’ you is all I know now
Ohhhhhh blamin’ you cause I’m so cold now
Who knew hatin’ you could feel so good?


A Little Tap Dancer Song

December 14, 2009

ohhhh is it so wrong?
is it so wrong to want
to want to feel important
to anyone?

ohhhhh is it so wrong?
is it so wrong to want
to want someone who needs you?

ohhhh how wrong is it?
how wrong could it be?
how pathetic is it?
to be in this position?

ohhh is it so wrong?
to want to feel important
to want to feel important
to anyone?

whooo hoooo i’m going down
whooooo hooo i’m going down
whoooo hooo i’m going down
and there’s no tellin if i’ll get back

The Tale of Ole’ Mr. Sadkins of Shrunken Shoulder Lane

December 1, 2009

He pushed forth into the wild
Where the grass grows high and the trees hang creepily
Where the moon light has been hidden by ominous clouds
Where the sun is not allowed to enter to share it’s warmth

It is here that he made his home.
He fought the dead and the dying
He fought that sadness and that pesky loneliness that kept peeking in
He fought ‘til he couldn’t fight no more

He looked up into the darkness
And he called out to his Maker
He asked for forgiveness, he asked for pity
He asked for help and he asked for love.

The ole’ man tried to survive the best he could
Then two years later his body fell
Then his heart slowed and his eyes grew cold
Then his body lay motionless on the forest floor

Now the children tell the tale
Of Ole’ Mr. Sadkins of Shrunken Shoulder Lane
Of how he went to the darkness and died
Of how no one knew or claimed his soul

So remember the tale of Ole’ Mr. Sadkins
Or ye yourself may join him soon.
Or ye yourself may find yourself next to his bones
Or ye yourself may find yourself next to mine as well.