Is This Another Sad And Lonely Ballad? I Fear It So, Dear Reader, I Fear It So

She told him that she loved him and that she’d always be there
He ran out back to look for her but he couldn’t find her anywhere
He became broken and he became staggered
And his thoughts were not his best

Now a days he’s a cold being and he’s a bitter man
Turning over every rock to find his love that had fled
He became lonely and he became a joke
And his heart disappeared from his chest

His love had abandoned him how are you suppose to react
She took the very last ounce of trust he had left
She took his heart and she took his warmth
His life and his mind were a mess

He couldn’t accept help his pride got in the way of that
So alone he lived and alone was how he would die
He died alone and he died all cold
And no one came to pay their respects


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