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Since The Last Time Was The First Time, And The First Time Didn’t Even Happen

August 22, 2009

Who needs a heart when you got a soul
Oh no I lost that long ago
To some girl with fiery eyes
Who knew she’d lead to my demise

She opened the door in my head
And choked my soul until it was dead
Turned me into a human ghost
Haunting the path of a lonely coast

Now my heart has become a prison
And has let self hatred in
As my confidence begins to collapse
Allowing seagulls to pick up the scraps

She showed her legs and she showed her mind
She let me have a glimpse of what was inside
I let her in on what made up me
And she ripped my fears free

Without warning it was turned on me
I couldn’t escape I tried to flee
I was left broken and I was left shattered
I was left with my heart all tattered

I’m a sad and broken man
Who can no longer stand
Surrounded by my hopes and dreams
But failure is all I see