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When Your Bones Know Better Than To Listen To You

April 30, 2009

If people would, just admit the obvious
That they don’t give a …… about you
Then things would be easier

You see, the brain it thinks things,
And likes to believe what it believes
Despite what logic has to say

Deep in your bones, you feel a creaking
That’s the truth trying to seep out.
Something that can’t be true

Oh but it is, it most certainly is
So don’t be mad at your bones
You know they mean well.

You may feel small, insignificant really
But that’s a part you play
In other people’s lives you see.

And life, it’s a theatrical play
With costumes and lines to memorize
A script you must go by

If you don’t, God help you
If you go off the beaten path
To try to make something different appear

Now I know, I realize how sad
How sad and depressing this seems
But that’s just a matter of opinion

For some, some of us enjoy it
And get some sort of thrill out of it all
Which is why I’m sitting alone with a smile on my face.