The True Story of Cold Steel Vol. II

Is this a waste?
A robot floating in deep space?
Surrounded by the cold and the bleak
In places the sun couldn’t reach.

What a waste.
The robot floating in space.
With stars and rockets and meteors
All seemingly whizzing past

His eyes closed.
His circuits had stopped beeping
And his program had shorted out
As he tumbled into the ever after.

Then a light.
Surrounded his tumbling remains
And a woman in white appeared
Asking him to wake up.

He’s not a waste.
His eyes flicker open
And he stares into her light.
And she envelopes him.

They twirl and twirl
As his insides begin to work
And his cold machinery warms
As they dance in the night.

The years pass
And she grows old
And time takes her away
And he’s alone again.

What a waste.
The steel becomes cold again
And he becomes lifeless
And twirls into his end.


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