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What We Become

December 25, 2008

without you we turn into beasts
with foul breath and sharp teeth
we tear each other and rip into ourselves
and we are all for sell

without you we kick and we scream
as we cry out we forgot how to dream
the darkness spreads and our lights grow dim
as our ghosts wonder what happened to them.

our steeples will come crashing down
smashing all underneath to the ground
our towers of Babel stretching into the air
when for You we no longer care

we are like Peter when he did deny
we are like Judas leading to you being crucified
as the heavens wept when the Son did die
our towers of Babel still standing in the sky


Who is the Villain

December 10, 2008

Do villains realize they’re the villain
Or is it they just believe they’re doing what’s right
And everyone else just disagrees. 

Maybe I’m the villain and I just don’t know it.
Surrounded by the plea of the Hero
And splashing around in their sorrows

The Hero stands for righteousness
Saving the women and the children
While chaos rains down across the globe.

The ground I walk on is already destroyed
From the previous scorched earth policy
Waiting for the Hero to put out the flames.

I can’t be the villain much longer.
These flames are suffocating me
I’m waiting on the Hero to pull me out.