When The Mighty Ocean Shows It’s Powerful Form

The explosions fill the sky
As the main character dives for cover
The flames rush over above his head
The heat scorching the air

Dive and roll on the ground
Have to put ourselves out
The wrath of God looms ahead
With the vengeance of thunderous seas

And this wrath and vengeance
It shall soon engulf me
While this explosion and flames
Are the payment for my sins

Oh God how could I have done this?
Unleash your blood thirsty hounds
Everyone come and enjoy the show
Watch ‘em rip me to shreds

The flood of the Lord is rushing toward me
Soon to swallow me whole
I can only swim for so long
Before my head goes under the mist

The gladiators of His Majesty
Wearing their shields and armor
Poke me with their golden spears
And pierce my skin with their swords

I am left laying there
With spears and swords sticking out
And my broken helmet in my arm
Gasping for my last breath


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One Response to “When The Mighty Ocean Shows It’s Powerful Form”

  1. Giselle Says:

    You could publish a book out of all these poetry that you create!!!! 🙂

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