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The Black Heart Beast and It’s Black Hearted Ways

August 29, 2008

The black heart beast makes more noise as it walks
Stomping through the calm forest
The beating growing louder and louder
As the beast attempts to quiet itself
All it’s days and all it’s nights
Were just as loud and chaotic as the last
At least on the inside of his black chest. 
On the outside however,
Well the black heart beast was as still as a swamp.

The black heart beast destroys it’s  surroundings
Hoping it can do so and go unnoticed.
Crashing and smashing the trees
Knocking them down into oblivion
With a smile and a laugh as it does so
The black heart beast sneers and declares
That all must conform to it’s ways
Or face the penalties and it’s wrath
Which the black heart beast will gladly give out.

The black heart beast wants to go unidentified
Staying just beneath the surface
Just below the wake of the waves
It’s work goes much more smooth if it’s not known
That the black heart beast is inside us all
The forest of your insides is where it lurks
Right inside your chest cavity
Pretending to beat when you tell it to
Although it has a mind of it’s on

The black heart beast reveals it’s face
Once you’ve looked upon the mirror
And seen the black heart’s reflection as your own
Then you will understand it’s drive
The black heart beast willfully displays its hatred
And its disdain for peace and harmony
Chaos is all it understands
And destruction and loneliness are it’s allies
Which it uses with gleeful abandon


When The Mighty Ocean Shows It’s Powerful Form

August 12, 2008

The explosions fill the sky
As the main character dives for cover
The flames rush over above his head
The heat scorching the air

Dive and roll on the ground
Have to put ourselves out
The wrath of God looms ahead
With the vengeance of thunderous seas

And this wrath and vengeance
It shall soon engulf me
While this explosion and flames
Are the payment for my sins

Oh God how could I have done this?
Unleash your blood thirsty hounds
Everyone come and enjoy the show
Watch ‘em rip me to shreds

The flood of the Lord is rushing toward me
Soon to swallow me whole
I can only swim for so long
Before my head goes under the mist

The gladiators of His Majesty
Wearing their shields and armor
Poke me with their golden spears
And pierce my skin with their swords

I am left laying there
With spears and swords sticking out
And my broken helmet in my arm
Gasping for my last breath

Off With His Head!!! and other amusing sayings

August 7, 2008

This summer heat is searing my brain
Are these thoughts mine or mirages?
Is there anyway to tell
If I’ve fallen or if I’ve failed

When Jesus was born in Bethlehem
Among the horses and the lamb
He was born to die for us
Placed upon that splintered cross

Watch for Judas’s swinging feet
Hanging from the hanging tree
There’s a Judas inside all of us
Putting the Sacrifice upon the cross

Poor Thomas is full of doubt
Adding up to an absurd amount
We doubt that which we can’t see
As Jesus hung upon a tree

Upon our hands there is the Blood
Washed unto us like the flood
The denials in which Peter proposed
Cling to us and to our clothes

Stand up and loose your head
In the spot where others bled
Watch the heads fall to the floor
Like John the Baptist’s did before

On the ground there’s a bag of gold
That’s how much for which Jesus was sold
With Judas and his swinging shadow
How much will it cost to bring you woe?

What if when we denied a rooster crowed
How many times before I know
The blood that was shed upon the tree
Was grace being thrust upon me?

What’s That Beyond That Curtain?

August 3, 2008

What would you do if you
Stared into the barrel of a gun?
Be a hero is what you tell yourself
But that is rarely done.

There are less heroes now
They’ve all gone to a better place
And left us all stranded here
With dirt on our grace

That stance we hold
It’s as fake as we are
With fear and confusion inside
And ignorance is the star.