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All The Prices We Would Have To Pay or The Day The World Imploded

July 20, 2008

If sleepless nights were all we had to pay
How much more would we try to take away?
If the three headed monster of guilt would lead us astray
Would we let our demons come out and play?

If lonely nights were all we had to endure
Would we let madness drive us at our core?
If we let insanity stain our glass door
Would we even know what it was for?

If all it would cost us was our soul
Would just getting by become our goal?
If the earth loved to show us who had control
Would it open up and swallows us whole?

If losing infinity were the order of the day
Would I decide to partake in the scorched path way?
If I’d allow doubt to give my faith a slay
Who knows how long I’d be astray?


The Days You Come To A Realization or When To Know Your Time Is Up

July 5, 2008

What is more worthless than me?
So much beauty out in the world
Yet none inside of me

What is worse than me?
Even the dogs behave more human
When they play make believe

Is anything more pitiful than me?
Like a bird singing out of tune
Forcing the other birds to leave.

Is there something more harsh than me?
No better than a lowly rat
In the sewer soaked in disease.

Is anything more crude and ugly than me?
Even the buzzards could find something else to circle
Instead of making me their meal.