The Rat

He is small and lives in the sewer
But he wouldn’t have it any other way
He spends his time in the dark
In the dreary is where he stays

He scurries and he claws around
Trying to find out where he is
One day he’ll find that answer
And live the way he was meant to live

Running around under our feet
Living in among our filth and disease
But he does so with a smile on his face
And with a sense of peace

As if he was living his purpose
And doing what he was created for
If only we were as content as the rat
Perhaps we should live in the sewer. 


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3 Responses to “The Rat”

  1. Amy Says:

    Rat facts by Amy

    Rats are intelligent, communal animals that live together – as opposed to mice, which are territorial and will not tolerate any other mice in their territory. Communal animals, such as rats, will learn from each other, often share food supplies, and are much more successful because of this.

    Hmmm…maybe I need to be more rat-like and less mouse-like.

    RAT FACT OF THE DAY: Amy HATES rodents.

  2. Joyce Hostetter Says:

    Almost thou persuadest me to be a rat.
    But not quite!

    I will, however, try to live up to my purpose and do what I was meant to do!

  3. Chris Carone Says:

    *Stamp of Approval*

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