What I Became Jealous Of

it’s as if i had seen the animals
as they were walking two by two
side by side with their best friend of the same
with zebras and rhinos and birds of a feather
and it was clear that they flocked together
walking with a purpose to the wooden craft
for inside those splintered walls they would be safe
i could see them as the rain drowned me
and i was jealous.

as if moses has struck the red sea shore
and the waters rose and split
i could see the people as they walked
from one shore to the other in relative safety
and as if they knew where they were going
that they knew they would be safe.
i could see them walking in between the waters
from inside the murky wall of blue
and i was jealous.

it’s as if i had witnessed the rapture
watching the souls as they floated toward the
leaving behind their possession’s and their clothes
and the souls knew just where to go
the higher they went the more grounded i became
gravity was having it’s way with me
the raptured souls went into the clouds to home
now safe from all the disasters of the earth
and i was jealous.


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3 Responses to “What I Became Jealous Of”

  1. lwayswright Says:

    You don’t have to be jealous ya know…..

  2. Joyce Hostetter Says:

    Oh wow!

    I do like that – I’d like to hear it put to music!

  3. Chris Carone Says:

    Ha..this is one of the best I’ve read so far. This one is surprising in that, “My name is Johnny and no I don’t try to be amazing it just comes naturally,” sort of way.

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