A First Row Seat to the Fireworks Display

What a vivid dream laid before me.  There were people
everywhere on this bright and sunny day.
Then the ground shook and the women screamed.  And up
ahead I saw why.
Far into the distance a mushroom cloud of smoke
appeared.  I tried my best to figure it out.

I see the clouds pushing forth.  Engulfing all that
surrounds it.  Eating it like it needs to survive.
One by one I see people turn into the dust, and become
one with the dirt.
I see a family hug and cling to each other close.  And
I can hear them as they pray.
Then the dust eats them away.  They didn’t even have
time to say their goodbyes.

I saw a man to my left.  Age had gotten the best of
He cried to God and begged for forgiveness.  Said he
wanted a safer place to stay when he passed.
He turned into the dust as it pushed forth.  With a
force of a  million hurricanes.
His hate blew off and his face it crumbled.  And soon
his body just evaporated.

The sun could not be seen.  The clouds of dirt had
covered it up.
And all around me people cry.  Turn to each other and
say sorry.
They pray to God and hope they get to see Him.  And
some aren’t so sure.

I turn to the monster of dirt.  And I stare ahead into
it’s face.
So many things in my life I wasn’t proud of.
And yet I did nothing to change.
Could God really forgive me?  Perhaps this was his
Seems a bit harsh for the crimes I committed.  But He
is the eternal judge.

My eyes water and tears began to descend.
I fall to my knees and spread out my arms.  Reaching
into the air.
Letting the dust and wind bang against me.  I could
feel dust in my skin.
My tear drying up before it begins.  My hair has gone.
And I look at my hand.  I watch it as it disappears.
Now I am apart of the world. 


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One Response to “A First Row Seat to the Fireworks Display”

  1. Chris Carone Says:

    In the very last line, do you mean “a part” or “apart?” Either word dramatically changes the poem and to the reader that doesn’t know you make gramatical mistakes, they will take it for moot.

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