Where the Wolves Gather for the Feast

There’s a flicker in the air
Where the wolves like to stare
And they growl cause they can tell
When it’s blood that they smell

I was surrounded by the pack
They were ready to attack
Upon their backs fur was raised
And I was lost in their gaze

Suddenly then from behind
One hit me without a sign
Then they knew they had me down
What a terribly awful  sound.

They dragged me back into their den
Where they clawed and bit my skin
Their mouths so close I smelled their breath
And I felt I had nothing left

I decided then for one last fight
And we battled into the night
Me versus these evil beasts
We wouldn’t stop till our breaths did cease

I then felt that I had won
But the wolves felt they weren’t done
They dug their teeth into my heel
To set me up for the kill

They had me down on my face
In this dark and dreary place
I turned to look them in the eye
For I knew that I would die

I could feel them as they ate
And for me it was to late
They soon went in for the kill
And chewed on me for their meal


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One Response to “Where the Wolves Gather for the Feast”

  1. Chris Carone Says:

    Ok … this is the song that you sell Tenacious D for $14,000,000!

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