The Maidens Upon The Restless Shore

When we look upon the restless shores
At the maidens who await their beloved
Will we show kindness to the whores
The ones that we secretly covet?

When I gaze upon the open sea
I can witness all the darkened ships
Just how will it hold on to me
As I watch them sunk by loose lips.

I can see a lovely ghostly dove
She’s a woman so pale and white
Her eyes have sold me on her love
And engulfed me in her light

She soon had me by the hand
And we raced against the sandy shore
It seemed the faster that we ran
That she only wanted to run more

And soon it was clear to see
That she was only a part of my brain
She was only as real as can be
Seen along this unproven lane

I can still see her shapely silhouette
Her outline against the horizon line
I can’t prove her real just yet
But once I do she could be mine.

And on the lonely nights there is a play
Of shadows who dance to and fro
And it is here that I forever stay
Just in case she decides to show.


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12 Responses to “The Maidens Upon The Restless Shore”

  1. Giselle Says:

    Do u really really really write all this by yourself..?

  2. forgettheworld Says:

    sadly i do indeed write all these myself.

  3. Giselle Says:

    y sadly?! U write wonderful poetry! Im really impressed!

  4. forgettheworld Says:

    well thanks i guess i worry that they get close to sounding cheesy at times.

  5. Giselle Says:

    Nope…the bam bam one i did not like much.. but the others r really standard ones!!!! 🙂

  6. Giselle Says:

    how did u hone ur poetry writing skills..? i too write poetry.. bt reading urs i knw that i very well do not come near u at all!!!! yet, i find poetry beautiful.

  7. forgettheworld Says:

    i just write constantly. sometimes things inspire me like the music im listening to or what have you. i have tons of poems or what have you that i haven’t put up here and possibly never will. so i guess it helps to never feel like what you do or are doing is good enough cause that’s how i always feel. i find that the best poetry is the one that when you read it, you can feel something from reading it. i try to do so, though im sure i miss the mark quite often.

    also i got a lot of practice, mainly from the belief i have that writing is amazing therapy.

  8. Giselle Says:

    writing sure is an amazing therapy.. cz’ u get to express all ur feelings.. all ur emotions… ur confusions everything.. n somehw it all feels better i nthe end..

  9. forgettheworld Says:

    i wish i could say it feels better. it’s kind of like drinking for me. i feel better while im doing it and a bit after ive done it, but those feelings of insecurity and confusions just come back again so i have to start all over.

  10. Giselle Says:

    comes back again wen v feel all sane and have to face the world once again right.. i think thats y writers write.. and poets just get better and go more deeper to create much more beautiful poetry..

  11. forgettheworld Says:

    yeah. and you can tell when something someone writes comes from some place real. i hope mine come across as that they do. i really like reading a line in poetry or in lyrics from a song and they just hit me that they’re so powerful.

  12. Chris Carone Says:

    This, my friend, could make a beautiful song. I read it thrice. Once, quickly because I needed the ending. Another, quick but a full read. The last, slowly to absorb it. Very nice…

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