The Ballad of a Lonely Man with an Acoustic Guitar

I wanted the situation
me and you make a bad equation
Our one plus one does not equal two.

Now it’s so simple to understand
Just why it is I cant be your man
I would be a few steps down for you.

And it was on my behalf
That you sliced my heart in half
And tossed the remains onto the floor.

It was soon after this
That it was you that I would miss
So I would go and ask for more.

Everything just seemed so tough
For you I wasn’t good enough
And that is why I feel so blue.

It was time to take a ride
To get away from what’s inside
Since I had decided to get a clue.

From you I would walk away
So you could have a better day
I couldn’t tell you how I felt.

If this hurt could just subside
It would be easier to hide
That now you’re with someone else.


One Response to “The Ballad of a Lonely Man with an Acoustic Guitar”

  1. Giselle Says:

    do u play the guitar?
    n hey.. about ur girlfriend.. well, girls do have some standard that they have in mind.. some dont realize it.. but others r clear about it..
    some in the end r happy with what they get and these standards just dissolve.. but others r adamant that they want it and wont settle for anything else..
    u’ll get someone nice.. dont worry.. 🙂

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