The Battle of The Moment and When It Shall Attack

How can we know exactly how something will affect us
until we are there, in the moment.  Till that moment
comes at us and swallows us whole.  It devours us like
we are it’s breakfast and it hasn’t had a bite to eat
for days.  Sometimes we do not know how much someone
has meant to our lives until the moment comes where
they could be taken away. 

Your mom calls and tells you news.  This news will
take a moment to hit.  It’s as if you don’t want to
believe it.  And once you do come to realize the
reality in it all, you convince yourself how little it
matters to you.  How little it will affect you.  How
little that moment is.  That it’s just a small moment,
one that will only affect those around you, but not
you.  No, not you.  You are the brave one.  You are
the strong one.  The one who must not show any
emotion.  This moment cannot affect you for you will
not allow it. 

Its time to go into that place.  That place where
birth and death co-exist.  Where they play with each
other, taking turns.  First birth, then death.  This
is where one can witness God flexing his muscles.
This place is filled with such a mixture of joy and
sorrow.  Like one huge contradicting milkshake.  The
moment is now here.  The moment you have been
dreading.  The moment that you have long before
decided would not hit you.  Then you are asked if you
want to see them, and of course you agree.

The moment has arrived.  This moment of truth, of
consequence.  You walk in.  you look upon them, gaze
upon the scene.  They are so still, so quiet… only the
machine they are connected to making a sound.  You
have lied to yourself.  You are a liar.  You are a
coward.  You must be surprised at yourself, surprised
that you even had the courage to come in and look. 

They are so still….so quiet.  Laying there.  So much
different from the last time you saw them.  No
laughter.  No stories.  No complaining.  Why must you
have taken the moment’s challenge?  It bullied you.
Called you out.  Told you that you were a chicken.
How could you have been so stupid?  This will teach
you.  Your lesson is now learned. 

Let us scream at the moment.  Let us tell the moment
that it will let us free.  It will let us carry on.
Let us be on our own without it looking over our
shoulders.  God and his moments…he uses them to teach
us lessons.  To help us in times of need.  I hate you
moment, yet I am glad I drunk you in.  cause if I
hadn’t, then the moment would of sent in someone else.
Someone much worse.  Someone who does not care about
you.  Who doesn’t care how you feel, how well you are.
  Someone who thrives off of your suffering.  In walks
the swarming feeling of guilt.


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