The Only Thing Guaranteed In Life

Oh death, how we must all meet you square in the eye
You crush us like a head on collision
Your mercy knows no bounds
And our pleading does nothing to hinder you

Oh death, do you ever listen to our begging?
Just a few more days, minutes even
Is that too much to ask?
Must you laugh at our mortal hopes?

Oh death, must you highlight my weakness?
Must you tell all that I am a coward?
If you must end me, then do it
But do it so no one knows

Oh death, did you make a deal with the grave?
To put me there as deep as you can
Down where it’s just me and the earth
And the worms there to keep me company

Oh death, I have so much to live for
And there are so many who depend upon me
I pray that you’ll believe this lie
So I can breathe another day

Oh death, that grave doesn’t look to appealing
Nor do I feel the warmth of welcome
Let the funeral never be
So at least my self esteem will survive

Oh death, is this the end?
Then just let me get my jacket
I heard it can get quite chilly
Down in the apartment below everyone’s feet


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