The Abused Girl Revenge Song

Growing up how would she have known
How she would have turned out
She just wanted to be daddys little girl
Of that there is little doubt
He told her she was nothing
And that it was her fault her mother left
And her face reminded him of her…

So she says…
Oh daddy, this is your fault
Ive held this in so long
This is for what you did to me
This is my revenge song.

She left home as soon as she could
She had to get away from there
Her life was a sad and tragic tale
Of selling herself for money and food stamps
But oh what a secret she hid
In the attic of her life

He pulled up to the curb
Young and fresh out of school
She jumped in as fast as she could
She knew he would be the one tonight
“Oh honey this won’t cost much
Might even be free if you play your cards right”

They went back to her place
And she went in for the kiss
As his eyes closed the knife went into his back
And he crumbled to the floor below
She stared at his coldness
And cursed the sins of it all

The next day came and went
Perhaps again she got away
Till the knock came at the door
And the police burst in
A smile spilled upon her lips
As she knew her revenge song would soon end

She confessed to the deed
And the other fifteen times before
There must be punishment it was said
For such a horrible act
It’s not my fault she would say
Im just punishing wicked men

They strapped her to the chair
As the crowd hissed and booed
And the moms cried and the dads cursed
She sat there and smiled
In her final moments
She looked up and said…

“Oh daddy look at me now
I hope you enjoy the view
Of your only child
Making something of herself
You can smile proud daddy
Because this is your fault.” 
This is my revenge song.


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