As The Rapture Happens Before My Very Eyes

So this is the rapture
When time itself is still
I look around whats left
And know that im alone.
I am cold and desperate
My friends have all gone home
And I am now all alone

How can this be the rapture?
I was not prepared
If I would have known this
I would have been more kind
Would of done things differently
Like maybe love more
And hate less
Since the present is now the past

This had to be the rapture
For all my loved ones are gone
I am glad they all made it
But I feel so alone
Wish I had a warning
The book didn’t tell me when
And now I am all alone.

The rapture has come and gone
And im now marked by the beast
Walking around like a zombie
Just doing as im told
Awaiting my time of end
When it can just be over
Since I am all alone.


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