Paris is Full Of Light Due to the Flames

i cannot stand this life that i have been given.

i am deformed.  i am ugly.

i am to be up above the clowds forever, gazing upon those below.

i wish to no longer stand out in a crowd.

yet those in the crowd wish to stand out.

i cannot take this much longer.

i must break out of this prison.

ringing this bell has hardened my hands

it has hardened my heart.

i must escape

if only i wasn’t so recognizable.

i will go to the festival, to where all the people are.

i must for my own sanity.

what a mistake i have made.

this is what i get for not listening to the only one who cares about me.

they have turned against me, putting me on display.

why must i endure such cruelty. 

how can people be so cruel to that which they do not understand…

whats this?  a kind face? 

no a beautiful face making her way to me.

 i have never known compassion.

this must be what joyful people feel. 

i am forever in her debt for her hand of kindness.

she is to be burned!

she is to be burned alive!

this i cannot allow.  over my dead body.

i will save her and i will scream sanctuary!!


if i am to stay up in this bell tower forever now

i am glad i have at least met one caring face. 

she was an angel sent from above…. 

i am glad that she could find it in her heart

to show compassion toward Quasimodo.

i see her in my mind as i watch the city burn in flames…

they burst in and grab her. 

my actions have done nothing to save her.

as she tries to make her escape i witness her capture

i watch as the noose is placed around her neck.

i cry out as i watch her body’s last attempt at movement.

i will forever spend the rest of my days at her side, regardless of her state.


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