The Fragile Areas Of Humanity

The heart is a brittle mistress

Only able to take so much

And it’s frail state resembles sunken ships

Found deep down below in the depths

The heart is a whore

Falling for anything it wishes

As if to prove it has control of us

And there is nothing we can do

The soul is a sorrowful widow

Weeping away at her loss

Keeping up the neighbors with her crying

Always in the middle of the night.

The soul is a small pile of sand

That once was a great sand dune

Wind and erosion had worked its evil

To bring it to it’s current state

The mind is a savage prisoner

Doing what it can to escape

Shaking the bars in it’s lonely cell

Letting all those know it craves attention

The mind is a lonely prostitute

Doing what it can for enjoyment

Pleasing all those who surround it

By cracking jokes and kissing feet

The body is a flickering candle

Just waiting for a gust of wind to blow it out

To prove to it that it’s just a shell

Already all used up and ready for more

The body is an abandoned cave

With writings and paintings galore

Where it once was inhabited

But is inhabited no more


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