An Entry Dedicated to Abraham Lincoln

This is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Since I am a huge fan of his, I figured that today instead of posting a poem or short story, I’d actually share with you some interesting facts about the man. He was much more then the tall 16th President of the United States who freed an entire people.

–He suffered from depression. This is a major point that many historians now argue over. He was known to tell a joke one minute and then be sitting by himself in deep sadness. In a wild way this helped him in his presidency. I’m actually reading a great book on this called Lincoln’s Melancholy by Joshua Wolf Shenk. Incredibly read that helps that helps to give in insight to the thoughts of the president.

Check it out here

–He had a great sense of humor. He loved to tell jokes and short stories to people to prove points. In fact, he was known to start all his cabinet meeting while president with a joke. He even enjoyed reading the jokes about him.

–there are a ton of similarities between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. Check that out here: –He grew his famous beard when an 11 year old girl suggested that he would look better with one.

He was also the first president to have a beard.

–He wrote poetry. Some of it was pretty dark including one about someone committing suicide and the thoughts they had about it.

–His friends put him on a suicide watch on different occasions through out his life. There was a great documentary that aired on the History Channel entitled Lincoln that is incredible and mentions this. I highly recommend it.

–He was the first president to acknowledge the country of Liberia, which was founded by a company that took freed slaves from the United States and sent them to Africa.

–He had dreams before his death that he was going to die. In one of them he got up out of bed and walked down the stairs and saw his own funeral. One of my short stories is based on this. (WARNING: SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTING)

–He was under fire during the Civil War. Once when the south was getting dangerously close to the capital, he went out to the soldiers and personally talked to them, right in the line of fire.

–Lincoln had brothers and step brothers fight for the confederacy.

–he was the first president to be born out of the original 13 states. For those of you keeping score, he was born in Kentucky, which does mean that some good things do actually come from there.

–he and his father were distant. In fact, when his father was dying he declined to go visit him.

–there are no direct descendants of Abraham Lincoln

–ironically, the play he was attending when he was shot was a comedy.

–the first person to die in the civil war was a close friend of Abraham Lincolns.

These are just some of the interesting things about the man. It almost seemed like he came out of nowhere to become one of the most important and fascinating men in united states history. He bore the weight of so much upon himself, including the deaths of soldiers. In fact he was so conflicted by this that he would often take time to write the wives of fallen soldiers from time to time.

There is a lot out there on Abraham Lincoln. Find more out about this man who truly was one of the greatest American’s that lived.


One Response to “An Entry Dedicated to Abraham Lincoln”

  1. Jerry Ballard Says:

    There was a old poem, that I heard in
    High School in Tunica, MS circa 1954..

    It went something like:

    There are only two presidents
    that I ever felt, that was
    Abraham Lincoln and God Roosevelt

    (speaking of FDR). I have never
    been able to find its anywhere.
    Can you please assist?

    Jerry Ballard

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