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Life Becomes Comparable to the Alamo

February 29, 2008

we are all surrounded by the ghosts that haunt us.  those ghosts from our past, from our present and future.

these ghosts torment us, telling us how we are no good, how we always fail.

what does it take to push such forces back?  God only knows and He at times seems to busy to bother.

so for now these ghosts shall stay in their new shelter, kept dry from the elements.

oh ghosts may ye rest well.

may ye find some dark and empty shell

may ye swallow up all that is light and good. 

may ye shrivel up and die.

our ghosts follow us, as if they were jealous of our shadows so they took their place.

if you see me, then you will see my ghosts at my tail.

i am on my own now, just me defending myself against the ghosts

as if I’m the last alive in the Alamo, just minutes before I die.

and my musket misfires, and Crockett has already passed on.

oh ghosts, ye masters of the unknown

oh ghosts, ye have the best of me

oh ghosts, ye have sucked my spirit dry

oh ghosts, ye must leave me my faith

oh ghosts, ye can least give me that.

for all that i’ve done for you ghosts. 

it’s the least you can do.


Paris is Full Of Light Due to the Flames

February 21, 2008

i cannot stand this life that i have been given.

i am deformed.  i am ugly.

i am to be up above the clowds forever, gazing upon those below.

i wish to no longer stand out in a crowd.

yet those in the crowd wish to stand out.

i cannot take this much longer.

i must break out of this prison.

ringing this bell has hardened my hands

it has hardened my heart.

i must escape

if only i wasn’t so recognizable.

i will go to the festival, to where all the people are.

i must for my own sanity.

what a mistake i have made.

this is what i get for not listening to the only one who cares about me.

they have turned against me, putting me on display.

why must i endure such cruelty. 

how can people be so cruel to that which they do not understand…

whats this?  a kind face? 

no a beautiful face making her way to me.

 i have never known compassion.

this must be what joyful people feel. 

i am forever in her debt for her hand of kindness.

she is to be burned!

she is to be burned alive!

this i cannot allow.  over my dead body.

i will save her and i will scream sanctuary!!


if i am to stay up in this bell tower forever now

i am glad i have at least met one caring face. 

she was an angel sent from above…. 

i am glad that she could find it in her heart

to show compassion toward Quasimodo.

i see her in my mind as i watch the city burn in flames…

they burst in and grab her. 

my actions have done nothing to save her.

as she tries to make her escape i witness her capture

i watch as the noose is placed around her neck.

i cry out as i watch her body’s last attempt at movement.

i will forever spend the rest of my days at her side, regardless of her state.

The Fragile Areas Of Humanity

February 16, 2008

The heart is a brittle mistress

Only able to take so much

And it’s frail state resembles sunken ships

Found deep down below in the depths

The heart is a whore

Falling for anything it wishes

As if to prove it has control of us

And there is nothing we can do

The soul is a sorrowful widow

Weeping away at her loss

Keeping up the neighbors with her crying

Always in the middle of the night.

The soul is a small pile of sand

That once was a great sand dune

Wind and erosion had worked its evil

To bring it to it’s current state

The mind is a savage prisoner

Doing what it can to escape

Shaking the bars in it’s lonely cell

Letting all those know it craves attention

The mind is a lonely prostitute

Doing what it can for enjoyment

Pleasing all those who surround it

By cracking jokes and kissing feet

The body is a flickering candle

Just waiting for a gust of wind to blow it out

To prove to it that it’s just a shell

Already all used up and ready for more

The body is an abandoned cave

With writings and paintings galore

Where it once was inhabited

But is inhabited no more

Letters To His Loved One

February 15, 2008

To my dearest,

I long to see you. These long days and nights without you are too much for me to bear. The locket I have with your face gracing it’s insides is what keeps me sane.

We are to move out at dawn. The general seems to be in good spirits. I have heard from the other soldiers that the grey coats are just down the field. I feel that we are of to great a number for them to do anything senseless. We would put them down like dogs. Still, I can’t help but to feel sorry for those poor guys. At any moment it could be I in their stead. They too have wives and families. I cannot sleep at night now having stared upon the faces of those breathing their last breaths. I have orphaned many children and widowed many wives I am afraid. I pray that God will not punish me for what I have done.

I must go now, for we are to pack up camp and march at dawn. I hope this letter reaches you. Give my love to my son and tell him that I shall return home soon.

Your love,


To my dearest,

This is the second letter in two days I have wrote you and I hope you get them. Your love for me keeps me warm at night. After what I have seen, I hope to be home soon.

I saw my comrades and friends die right in front of my eyes. One poor soul lunged at me, forcing me to plunge my bayonet into his chest. I will hear his screams of agony well after my death. I fear I have changed to much since this great unholy war between the states. I hope you will still recognize me when I return home, that you will still run to me and hold me just as you have before. I pray that my son will know who I am and not run from me.

Forgive me, for my spirits are low. The general has told me that he expects more fighting at first light, and that we were to be on the front lines. Pray for me dearest, for I long to be with you again.

Your love,


To: Mrs. George

From: Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States

I regret to inform you that your husband has died in the line of duty. Though I know that it will not bring you much comfort, he died valiantly charging into the enemy. I know this letter may not help you cope, but I felt the responsibility to write it. My conscience no longer allows me to sleep knowing that the deaths of so many men are on my hands. I am forever sorry for the loss you have endured. It gives me no solace to know that your family is no longer complete. The country and I both thank you for your sacrifice.

Sorrowfully yours,

Abe Lincoln. President of the United States

An Entry Dedicated to Abraham Lincoln

February 13, 2008

This is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Since I am a huge fan of his, I figured that today instead of posting a poem or short story, I’d actually share with you some interesting facts about the man. He was much more then the tall 16th President of the United States who freed an entire people.

–He suffered from depression. This is a major point that many historians now argue over. He was known to tell a joke one minute and then be sitting by himself in deep sadness. In a wild way this helped him in his presidency. I’m actually reading a great book on this called Lincoln’s Melancholy by Joshua Wolf Shenk. Incredibly read that helps that helps to give in insight to the thoughts of the president.

Check it out here

–He had a great sense of humor. He loved to tell jokes and short stories to people to prove points. In fact, he was known to start all his cabinet meeting while president with a joke. He even enjoyed reading the jokes about him.

–there are a ton of similarities between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. Check that out here: –He grew his famous beard when an 11 year old girl suggested that he would look better with one.

He was also the first president to have a beard.

–He wrote poetry. Some of it was pretty dark including one about someone committing suicide and the thoughts they had about it.

–His friends put him on a suicide watch on different occasions through out his life. There was a great documentary that aired on the History Channel entitled Lincoln that is incredible and mentions this. I highly recommend it.

–He was the first president to acknowledge the country of Liberia, which was founded by a company that took freed slaves from the United States and sent them to Africa.

–He had dreams before his death that he was going to die. In one of them he got up out of bed and walked down the stairs and saw his own funeral. One of my short stories is based on this. (WARNING: SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTING)

–He was under fire during the Civil War. Once when the south was getting dangerously close to the capital, he went out to the soldiers and personally talked to them, right in the line of fire.

–Lincoln had brothers and step brothers fight for the confederacy.

–he was the first president to be born out of the original 13 states. For those of you keeping score, he was born in Kentucky, which does mean that some good things do actually come from there.

–he and his father were distant. In fact, when his father was dying he declined to go visit him.

–there are no direct descendants of Abraham Lincoln

–ironically, the play he was attending when he was shot was a comedy.

–the first person to die in the civil war was a close friend of Abraham Lincolns.

These are just some of the interesting things about the man. It almost seemed like he came out of nowhere to become one of the most important and fascinating men in united states history. He bore the weight of so much upon himself, including the deaths of soldiers. In fact he was so conflicted by this that he would often take time to write the wives of fallen soldiers from time to time.

There is a lot out there on Abraham Lincoln. Find more out about this man who truly was one of the greatest American’s that lived.

To Stop And Ask For Directions

February 6, 2008

Still havent gotten there
Its such a long road
This doesn’t look right
Is this where I go
I see a man just standing
And so I stopped

Excuse me sir can you tell me
Exactly how to get to the..
Funeral, funeral, funeral

Well sir that depends
That depends on who’s it is, who’s it is, who’s it is

Back on the road again
Hope this is the right path
Foot on the gas pad
I think I took a wrong turn
Why didn’t I get GPS
And so I stopped

Excuse me sir can you tell me
Exactly how to get to the..
Funeral, funeral, funeral

Well sir that depends
That depends on who’s it is, who’s it is, who’s it is

With a crooked smile and missing teeth
He points up the road ahead
With gasping breath he says
Just keep driving just keep driving

Excuse me sir can you tell me
Exactly how to get to the..
Funeral, funeral, funeral

Well sir that depends
That depends on who’s it is, who’s it is, who’s it is

With a grin I say
Well its mine and I cant be late, cant be late, cant be late