Join Us For This Ride into The Imagination!!!!

Take a moment if you will
To disband your disbelief
Of things that seem a bit out of the ordinary.
You know what I mean.
Let’s all pretend that the world
That Dr. Suess built was real.

The ground is blue and the sky is green
It’s all topsy turvy like that today.
Fish are walking and pigs are flying
Cats and dogs getting along.
The mice are dancing with the elephant
Over  in the African plains.

Flowers aren’t that pretty
It’s the weeds that are breathtaking.
Everything you eat is good for you
So go ahead and enjoy that candy bar.
Take a bite of those green eggs and ham
Or give some to that cat in a hat.

Waldo is no longer lost
He was found in a cave on mars
He was spotted by someone on a telescope
With very good eyes
Batman and the Joker well,
They have picnics together.

Ah what a grand world it is
This one that we’ve made up
Where popeye admitted he was on steroids
And the coyote finally catches the roadrunner.
Where tom and jerry shake hands
Where the hard working man is a celebrity

Where the single mom is applauded
Where those dead end jobs are rewarding
And those jobs pay oh so well.
Where the nice guy finally wins the race
Where men are noticed for their character
And not for how they happen to look.

See how easy that was?
To get lost in this fantasy world?
Where all is grand
And we all get along
So close those eyes, squeeze them, shut them tight
And have yourself a mighty fine dream tonight.


One Response to “Join Us For This Ride into The Imagination!!!!”

  1. Amy Wolfe Says:

    This is one of your best!!! (in my opinion anyway)

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