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As Tragedies Go This One Is Pretty Hip

January 30, 2008

Part I: I Saw Her Standing There

I saw her one cold evening
Bundled up in warm clothes

Her face lit up my insides
And her smile could turn back time

Oh how grand it would be
If she was waiting there for me.

She spoke words of kindness
That made me forget this fake world

And her thoughts and ideas
Were better then my own

Oh how grand it would be
If she was waiting there for me.

I could see her breath
In the cold brisk air

She deserved so much good
Something I knew I wasn’t

Oh how grand it would be
If she was waiting there for me.

Even those things I found annoying
I knew I would soon miss

For this was my final scene
My sad goodbye if you will

Oh how grand it would be
If she was waiting there for me.


Part II: Words and Where They Come From

I looked into her eyes
And it was there I was lost

She asked me what’s the matter
As my voice trembled and broke

Oh how grand it would be
If she was waiting there for me.

And this is what I said…

When I look into your eyes
I see what I can be
And when you look into mine
You see what I’m not.

And this it just kills me
It’s like a sweet suicide
You’re like a dagger
Being plunged into me

And when I see you
I can see hope
But when you see me
It’s as if there is none.

I cannot do this
Not one more day
For my heart is brittle
And can’t take much more

She just looked at me
With her beautiful eyes

“what are you saying
What does this mean?”
“I want to grow old with you
And have your shoulder to cry on”

My voice it still quivered
Along with my lips

“I’m so sorry but I love you too much
To let you be around me

And I know that you care
I can hear it in your voice

But stand there and listen to your heart
Ask it this one question

Who is it you wait for
We both know who it’s not.”

And with those last words
I turned to walk away

Each small footstep
Were nothing but agony

Oh how grand it would be
If she was waiting there for me…


Part III:  What Happened to Them Both

It was ten years later
I tried to move on

I lived in a small apartment
Just me and the pizza boxes

What a sad existence
I had carved out for myself

Oh how grand it would have been
If she had been waiting there for me

I heard all about her
From the few friends I had left

She had married
To some rich handsome man

And they had three children
And they all were talented

Oh how grand it would have been
If she had been waiting there for me…

And this is my story
What a sad tale I weave

But I have something
That I hold on to

All I ever wanted
Was for her to be happy

And in the darkness
I tell myself she is..

Oh how grand it would have been
If she had been waiting there for me…



Join Us For This Ride into The Imagination!!!!

January 26, 2008

Take a moment if you will
To disband your disbelief
Of things that seem a bit out of the ordinary.
You know what I mean.
Let’s all pretend that the world
That Dr. Suess built was real.

The ground is blue and the sky is green
It’s all topsy turvy like that today.
Fish are walking and pigs are flying
Cats and dogs getting along.
The mice are dancing with the elephant
Over  in the African plains.

Flowers aren’t that pretty
It’s the weeds that are breathtaking.
Everything you eat is good for you
So go ahead and enjoy that candy bar.
Take a bite of those green eggs and ham
Or give some to that cat in a hat.

Waldo is no longer lost
He was found in a cave on mars
He was spotted by someone on a telescope
With very good eyes
Batman and the Joker well,
They have picnics together.

Ah what a grand world it is
This one that we’ve made up
Where popeye admitted he was on steroids
And the coyote finally catches the roadrunner.
Where tom and jerry shake hands
Where the hard working man is a celebrity

Where the single mom is applauded
Where those dead end jobs are rewarding
And those jobs pay oh so well.
Where the nice guy finally wins the race
Where men are noticed for their character
And not for how they happen to look.

See how easy that was?
To get lost in this fantasy world?
Where all is grand
And we all get along
So close those eyes, squeeze them, shut them tight
And have yourself a mighty fine dream tonight.

How Hours of Quick Drawing Practice Did Me No Good

January 17, 2008

Got my boots on.
Got on my belt with my holsters.
Now where are my guns….ohh yes.
Found them, right next to the picture of my dead father.
Staring at that picture reminds me of my mission.
My mission to kill the man who ended his life.
The clock says its ten till…means its time to go out for revenge.
Revenge, revenge, revenge..the only thing that’s constant in my head.
These empty bottles of fire water helped to numb me some last night.
But still there is this thirst for revenge.

There he is, standing about ten feet in front of me.
Grinning like he owns the place.
My heart is beating, anxious to destroy his existence.
The dry ground underneath us foreshadows one of our lives.
With everything I have ill make sure its his.
We stare at each other, waiting to see who makes the first move.
Everyone is still, I could of sworn I saw a tumble weed roll by.
Then I reach!



I can’t believe this…I thought I was quicker….
I move my hand from my chest, revealing my own blood
He killed my father and now me…
As I lay there, he walks over and stands above me.
I smile up at him and with my last dying words I say…
Ill hunt you from my grave……

The Fantastic Voyage To Where Man Has Never Gone Before!!!!

January 11, 2008

So lets take this trip inside my head
And we will find out what makes that wheel spin
Go between the memories and the thoughts
Ride the roller coaster inside
Weave around the mental pictures there
Till you get to the center of the establishment
Is there anything even there?
Oh ha ha ha ha…what a joke
Of course there’s something there
Its my brain after all

If you look really closely
Between the goop and the goo
And all those icky parts of my thoughts
You might see the real show stealer
What everyone comes to see
Is it the hamster that runs the wheel?
No he died long ago
See there next to the hamster skeleton
That small dimly glowing sphere?
There she is folks…
My soul

Yet Another Stereotypical Romantic Poem By Me

January 6, 2008

Her stare of intense fire

It would make my heart leap

Her voice of calmness

Made my heart weep

Her heart of kindness

Made my soul sing

Her words of encouragement

Made my eyes dance

Her laughter

Made me feel grateful

And her waving goodbye

Made my eyes tremble…

The ode to the beautiful/The poem about the ugly

January 6, 2008

The beautiful seem to have it easy
Or so the ugly think
Its as if God has given them everything
And the ugly He has given little

The beautiful think the ugly have it easy
For nothing is expected of them
And they have no pressure
When the ugly have to try harder to be loved

This is the ode to the beautiful
Who have it just as hard
To hold up this image they keep
So they don’t have to look at themselves

In this ode to the beautiful
They’re as pretty as a picture
But feel just as torn underneath
This you will never know

This is a poem about the ugly
Who feel ashamed of who they are
Who believe the world was made for those
Who are as beautiful as the sunrise

This is a poem about the ugly
Who do what they can to be accepted
From telling jokes to selling out
I should know for I am one of them