A Story That Never Gets Old

I had become lost you see
And I did not know where to go
I could not find my way back
To the town that I did know

Then I looked up into the sky
And saw something brighter then bright
And since I did not know what to do
I decided to follow it that night

Across the desert and over the dunes
In what seemed to take forever
I came across a town
That I had seen never

I saw the star that I had followed
And saw its light shining down
It illuminated a small barn
In which I could barely hear a sound

So I got as close as I could
Taking small quiet steps
I saw a woman sitting there
Holding a baby as he slept

To the right I saw three men
Who looked rich and from overseas
And they each held out a gift
And fell to their knees

I did not know how to take it in
What an astonishing sight
I knew I had seen something historic
Blanketed in the stars glowing light

There were men and sheep
And horses that seemed to hum
And I could hear the sound
Of a boy and his drum

I looked it over again
And I felt a bit confused
What should I do now
I was all out of clues

Then the sky in front of me
Grew into a great glowing sphere
And a voice came from within it
To tell me what I had seen here

“You have witnessed a gift
God has gave mankind today
Go and tell all you see
That the Son of God was born this day”

In my heart I felt it
And I didn’t know what to feel
“but I am nothing” I said
“shouldn’t you find someone more real?”

But the light said nothing else
And left me with my brittle state
“But God I’m just out here lost
I already have a full plate”

So I turned and looked back
And could see the babys face
And I swear he smiled at me
And pushed my heart to another place

I now felt this urge
And I was now Bethlehem bound
I was once lost you see
But now I feel like I’ve been found

God gave us this amazing gift
His son from whom we could learn
A gift we should be thankful for
Since for it we didn’t earn

I watched Him grow up
Looked over Him from afar
He went on to do incredible things
I was glad I had followed that star

Today is a day to celebrate
We must sound every horn
We must be eternally grateful
For Jesus Christ was born


2 Responses to “A Story That Never Gets Old”

  1. Amy Wolfe Says:

    This is amazing…it should be on Christmas cards for others to share with their family and friends.

  2. Sonya Says:

    i’m most impressed johnny! did you see that i advertised for you as a young gifted writer!!

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