Can Cheesy Override it all

Every time I try to write a happy poem
I just find it as cheesy as the last
Not even realizing how all this sadness I write
Can be just as cheesy itself

So I sat down with my pen
And I forced myself to write
And no matter how hard I smiled
The words didn’t seem quite right

Maybe I should be in a happy place
Before I can write a happy line
So ill try my best to laugh
To get myself out of this bind

I wanted just one positive thought
To shine above the dark
And I think it has been given to me
Through the cheesy I tried not to embark

So try to sit down in your seat
Though I know you’re on the edge
In hopes of being blown away
By my next words of encouragement

If you find yourself just brooding
And in some sad mood
Don’t worry how it sounds
And let the cheesy out.


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