Opening your eyes does nothing in the darkness

He went his poor life pretending to swim
When he could barely keep his head above the horizon
He looked so calm from up ahead
When down below his feet were frantic
And just when someone was about to look below
He’d splash enough to make them look up
So they would never really know
How hard it was for him to swim

Looking back was this suppose to be his life
it didn’t seem so bad at first glance
But self doubt can be a devastating machine
Causing turmoil for the soul
He couldn’t stop himself from what he did
And the comparisons to others only deepened it
Just like the tidal wave building itself up
So high that it blocks out the sun
And crashes itself into his so called life

Then one day he thought he felt a light inside
One that warmed his heart and his being
As if he was being held and loved
And that he would be protected
So what happened to that feeling
He did not know why he ran away
He felt as low as the dirt below the surface
As joyless as one could possibly be
How could he feel like this inside

He told himself right then that day
That if he could keep his head above the water
And not let anyone see his kicking feet below
He would try his best to get that light back
He hoped that it would not be too late
If it was he might as well allow himself to drown
He screamed into the dark cold night
“God if you are there hear my cry!”
Then the sun came up that day

No one knows what happened to that man
Some say he just floated out to sea
His legs had tired from the kicking
And the sharks turned him into a feast
But I say his heart was opened
And his eyes were too
And he found out the real truth
That you can always come back home…


2 Responses to “Opening your eyes does nothing in the darkness”

  1. fact interesting Says:

    Got a little bit confused while reading :S

  2. forgettheworld Says:

    yeah sorry it’s probably how i write. this is actually loosely based on the story of the prodical son in the new testament.

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