The Ballad of the Guilty

He knew what he had done
And he deserved what this was
He stood up and he turned
Ready for that long walk to the finally
He was hoping the walk wouldn’t end
For if it did he knew it was over
And he wished to prolong that as much as anything

Then the steel door was slowly pushed open
And the chair came into view
They led him into the room and he had a seat
And he turned to all those families he had ruined
He began to sob and he began to weep
And he tried his best to tell them how sorry he was
And he knew that the price he was paying wasn’t steep

He had come to terms with dying
For the guilt he felt was way to much
And by pulling that lever
They’d be doing him a favor
He looked at their faces and he cried
As the electricity began to flow through his veins
He asked for forgiveness as he fried


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